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Qualification Programmes

We've put this separate page listing our qualification programmes in for a good reason...  


There is a growing number of talented people in management roles who have no formal qualification at all. Or, who do have a qualification but maybe it was gained a long time ago, or is not even related to the industry in which they are now creating their careers.  


Then there is another group emerging with those who have not chosen the university route and prefer to skip the debt and achieve their qualifications via the workplace. 


If any of these descriptions apply to you, or your key people, then it's probably a good time to be doing something about nurturing your talent and developing knowledge and skills.


There is no doubt that qualifications are useful things to have. This is partly because they prove the achievement of a certain level knowledge and application to others, which can be useful on a CV or when seeking to make a career advancement.

But of far more value is the increase in self confidence, the improvement in performance and elevation in quality of thinking that is the result of meeting the assessment reqirements for a formal qualification.


Considering a qualification programme will be right for your organisation if you want to:

  • Increase the level of Learning and Development offered 
  • Develop talented individuals to become better managers
  • Put a formal structure and qualification behind an in-house or open programme
  • Enjoy applying a rigorous quality process to learning 
  • Experience an extended learning journey that is bespoke to your needs
  • See people's faces light up when they are presented with their qualification certificate as external proof of their achievement. 


Merlin is a leading Approved Centre for the Awarding Body of the Institute of Leadership and Management.


A selection of our qualification programmes are offered as open courses.


CLICK HERE for information about our Open Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism.


And remember...

  • All qualification programmes can be custom designed as in-house or in-company offers
  • We can also design, deliver and provide the necessary Approved Centre support to suit your specific needs and resources.



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