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Our Unique Pracademic Approach

Strategic Planning

One of our specialist areas and core strengths is understanding the area of Human Resource Strategy and its importance and relevance in providing a framework for applying your people management processes to achieving your desired business outcomes.


If that sounds too complicated, then you'll be relieved to know that our approach to strategy is very simple - just think of Lego®!


Lego® works because all the pieces fit together. There are many different shaped blocks and pieces that perform different functions, but basically they all fit together and that's why it works.


Not only that, but it can be used to build practically anything you like, in three dimensions, strong, durable and waterproof, but able to be easliy changed when necessary. Similar to the qualities we reckon a good HR Strategy should have (but perhaps not with Lego® people.)


So, you may not even see us doing it, but rest assured that one of the first things we do is to check alignment and fit with the overall business strategy for whatever it is you are asking us to do and however we might be planning to do it. 


That way, even if what you are asking us for is purely tactical, we can be sure that what we propose and deliver will be aligned, sustainable and effective. 


It also means that, if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by what you need to achieve, we can break it down into manageable parts and avoid projects ballooning out of all proportion so they never get off the ground.


We'll encourage you to start at the most logical place and do what you currently have the resources for. After all, if it's all made like Lego®, then it can all be made to fit eventually, whether your immediate need is delivering a single effective people management service, nnovating new policies and practices or a complete culture make-over.


Over the years we've made some serious decisions about developing ourselves as competent career consultants, studying HR Strategy to post-graduate level and beyond, because we want you to be reassured that any advice we give and tactical tools that we design for you are coming from a well-formed combination of a thorough understanding of tested theories with a pragmatic approach.


We have invented our own name for this approach - it's Pracademic - and it works like magic!


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