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Our Approach

Creative Design

We have carefully developed our own in-house design agency and capability for a good reason...


When you engage us as your consultants, pretty much whatever your project is about, you'll want us to produce something that ultimately engages your employees or your customers - or both.


To do this and have the desired impact on people, it certainly needs to look good and feel nice to use. But it's not just about how it looks. We know that form over function rarely works in art, let alone in business.


Great creative design is intelligent, it thinks things through, positions itself with the perspective of the end user, tries things out - and then tries again if necessary until it has created absolutely the best possible solution. That's our lovely design team in a nutshell.


We find that reaching that best possible solution is much easier, quicker - and therefore more economical - when we can do it all under one roof, with everyone involved understanding the needs of the client from the beginning and combining their efforts together, rather than being split across different agencies.


Successful implementation of your project may involve one or more of the following:

  • Graphic design to match your corporate identity - such as induction programmes that reflect the value of your new people, brochures and handbooks that ettract attention and do the job they are supposed to 
  • An original identity or concept - such as for one of our award winning customer service training programmes, or a change project with a name, look and feel and logo all of its own
  • Training materials - for your own in-house use with well designed and laid out tutor notes, delegate materials and visuals
  • E-learning - with thoughtfully designed programmes, effective screens and creative interfaces
  • Multi-media - including film and video that goes off like a rocket - without costing a bomb
  • and more...

Whatever the design requirements of the most simple, or most complex, of projects you can rely on us to wave our collective wands and apply intelligent, creative elements to enhance it.


Our clients tell us again and again that this one-stop shop approach saves them time, effort and money too.

Production and Distribution

Of course, after all that effort to create a beautiful product for your business, it needs to be produced to the correct specification - and finish up where and when it is needed.


Whatever the media, whatever the volume and whatever the distribution requirement, we can produce your deliverables for your project and get them to you - on spec., on time and on budget.


For example:


Our film / video partners are simply the best and have been known to turn on a sixpence on several occasions before now.


Our e-learning partners are only geeky when we really need them to be - otherwise they are regular guys with an infectious passion for their craft and learners.


We also just happen to partner with some of the best print management brains and facilities in the business, so getting a competitive price quote is always on our agenda


Some might simply call this luck - but it's funny, the more rigourously we choose our working partners and suppliers to service our lovely clients - the luckier we seem to get!

Speaking Your Language... Our Translation Service

In case we forget to tell you anywhere else and in case it matters to you.... everything we design and deliver can be produced in any language you need it in.


Our long relationship with our own agency partner guarantees competitive prices - but more than price, we know how good they are because whenever the proofs are sent to local native speakers, we get lots of positive comments and very few changes back.


If you work in a multi-lingual environment, you'll know how important (and sadly how rare) that is!


Also, when it comes to re-setting the translated work on a page for example, we understand how different languages can be longer - or shorter, than English text.


We have all sorts of clever ways and magic moves for getting round some of the complex issues that we know can fox less experienced agencies. 

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