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Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Welcome to Merlin Consultancy

Inspiring people!

Quite simply - We are wizards at developing people to do things even better. 


We excel at inspiring all types of people and engaging them to contribute more to your business or to life in general - teams, leaders, executives, individuals, customers.


So, if you are looking for something special to inspire your team, people in your business (or yourself) to be generally more alive and kicking - then you are looking in the right place!


Finding, creating and implementing the very best strategies, techniques and tools to nurture employee engagement, to develop your leaders and to ensure that your managers are approporiately skilled becomes easier with the support of a highly experienced partner who understands your business and is personally invested in your success. 


In a spell of over 25 years our practice has been constantly evolving, deepening our collective experience that can be utilised in many situations and for a variety of solutions.


This is just a flavour of what we do:


  • Learning and Development: We are confirmed experts in the field of L&D. We deliver our own open and in-house workshops in a variety of disciplines, that send people bounding back to work with renewed energy and focus. We also design cracking good materials for other trainers, using blended learning methods and media.  Whether it's a single workshop or an international programme in different languages, we'll have some fun using our extensive experience and new ideas to create cost effective solutions for you - and with you. 
  • Human Resource Strategy: Business plans have a purpose, but people make it happen. Using our unique blend of strategy, psychology and great design, we will help you to develop and align the tactical and strategic processes needed to get the best from your people. From a simple employee handbook to your complete talent management process, or implementation of a new learning management system. - you'll find that we're great strategic partners.
  • Organisation Development: Whatever your business vision and purpose, things are constantly changing and evolving, bringing different performance needs and requirements. Even if your business doesn't drive the need for change - your customers will. From analysing and developing your business culture to designing and implementing practical improvement projects - you'll be glad you used us.


We hope that you will find what you are looking for through our web-site, but if you have a specific need in mind then maybe we can speed the process up for you, so please don't keep it under your hat and contact us directly.


Merlin Consultancy - The Magic of Learning!



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